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Hear the sound of Santa Claus visiting your home on Christmas Eve

Imagine the wonderment in your child's eyes when they hear the sound of Santa Claus landing on the roof and coming into your home to deliver presents.

Santa Sounds(Preview)
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Actual File Length 2:13 

What You’ll Hear

A wispy wind and jingle bells announce that Santa is on the way! He and his reindeer land on the roof. Santa gets out of his sleigh and walks over to the chimney (chimney not necessary for this). A magic sound brings him into your home. He walks around and many magic sounds happen as he makes presents appear. He walks over to get his cookies and milk. More presents appear. He walks over to the chimney and another magic sound takes him back to the roof. He walks over to the sleigh, gets in, and takes off saying," On Dasher, On Dancer.... Merry Christmas


Playback Stereo

The best way to playback this sound is from a loud speaker in your living room. Check volume level in your child's bedroom to make sure it's loud enough. If not, move the speaker to the hallway. If no speaker is available, you can play it from your phone outside the door.

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